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Frequently asked questions

Is This Fan Meet Live?

Yes! Fans will receive the information to join the live Zoom fanmeet! Please check back for more details.

How will the Q&A Session work?

Good Question! We have set a date at which questions for Dustin will be closed. You will have until 11:59 pm on April 11th to submit questions for the group to answer! After this date, the question submissions will be closed to allow for all questions to be reviewed. We ask that when submitting questions for Dustin that they remain respectful, appropriate and contain language that is not offensive or invasive.

How will I know how to join the Zoom live?

Good Question! We will be sending that information via email the week of the event!

What time does the Zoom live start?

The fanmeet will begin at 8 PM CDT on April 24th. Please make sure you have joined the Zoom meeting by 8 PM and the Zoom admin will begin accepting people into the room at 8 pm. Please don't panic if you're sitting at a black screen waiting to get in, we will get everyone approved to join!

Time Zone Conversion

April 24th:

  • 6 PM - Los Angeles
  • 8 PM - Chicago | Mexico
  • 9 PM - New York | Puerto Rico
  • 10 PM - Brazil
April 25th:
  • 2 AM - United Kingdom
  • 3 AM - Spain | Germany | Italy
  • 8 AM - Indonesia
  • 9 AM - Philippines | Singapore
  • 10 AM - South Korea | Japan
  • 11 AM - Australia
  • 1 PM - New Zealand

Who qualifies for the drawing for the fan meet aprons?

If you have purchased a ticket to the live fanmeet, you will qualify for the drawing!


Ticket Sales are deemed FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are unable to attend the virtual fan meet and would like to sell or give your ticket to someone else to attend in your place, please inform us via email at least 3 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. It is REQUIRED to purchase an event ticket to qualify to purchase call slots for the call event with Dustin. The calls are limited to 3 call slots per member (9 minutes). There are a limited amount of call slots available and when those are sold out, they will no longer be on sale. It is the ticket holder's responsibility to make sure that you are available for the video calls during the fan meeting. If you do not answer the call more than twice, we will move on to the next ticket holder waiting for their call, and you will be eliminated from participating in the event. Please be sure to check the event's date and time and that you can answer the call before purchasing call slots. The calls will be made via Skype. Please make sure you have provided your Skype ID / Skype Email before the fan meeting so that we can properly schedule your call. The order of the video calls during the event will be announced to all ticket holders only via e-mail and/or Skype at least 48 hours before the start of the fan meeting. Please be ready and wait for your call 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Please note that there may be delays to the actual call schedule depending on the program flow on the day of the event. During the 1:1 video calls, only one participant will be allowed to communicate with one selected Dustin member. If extra people are on screen and/or communicating during the call, staff reserves the right to disconnect the call. When the allocated call time is up, an alarm will ring. Please make sure to end the call. If the participant does not end the call from their side by the end of the allocated time, the call may be terminated without prior warning. If there is a problem with the network connection of the call participants, it may be difficult to make a video call. Please make sure you check your network connection prior to our time slot. If the call is deemed inappropriate or in the event of abusive language, criticism, or inappropriate behavior, staff reserves the right to terminate the call without warning. Participants may be restricted from participating in future events.