F G A Z - E S T U D I O is a cultural company specializing in fashion and its relationship with the visual arts and new media. It is defined by its production

of performatic events and the creation of pieces that fuse craftsmanship and devotion

to detail.

The particular elegance of F G A Z is a progression of options, a lifestyle with

an academic essence that maintains a  permanent dialogue with the world of art.

Unpaid Fashion Intern
Name tags. Uniforms. Thank you for following up. I hope you're well and enjoying summer. It was nice to run into you at Frieze. Unfortunately we are not hiring paid positions in the art department at this time. Do keep me posted and please be in touch when you're back from your summer travels.
Cama de Caballero
Instalation - Performance at Museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca Mexico
Si te Dan Una Blusa, Úsala x Detrás
Performance at the Henestrosa library in Oaxaca mexico sponsored by the Alfredo Harp Helu Foundation and the Textile Museum
Prada Shoefiti
Street art instalation at the Object Museum in Mexico City. Shoefiti, 2014 Fernán González-Aramburu Zurutuza (Mexicano, 1987) Zapatillas deportivas ´Prada´, cable de teléfono. El acto de lanzar zapatos al cableado público, aunque esparcido mundialmente, se ha mantenido como una práctica misteriosa en su razón de ser. Los sondeos generales rastrean su origen en el distrito Neoyorkino de Harlem como una forma de marcar el territorio entre pandillas criminales.
Sin Titulo
El Cuerpo que Vestimos
Prada videos, aliens, and transgender porn star selfies: all of the above were part of an awesomely weird art show last Thursday in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. The show, El Cuerpo Que Vestimos or The Body We Wear, featured video and performance art that challenged gender sterotypes, a refreshing break from the traditional photography and painting we usually see in this part of Mexico.
Performance About Nothing
Performance about nothing with Nehuiam Fuentes at Improv Night at Xalapa Veracruz Mexico.
Peace Installation
Process for an Installation about gender violence in Mexico at the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa Mexico.
Leisure Society
Every room of a former underground sex club in deep Mexico was transformed with video, scent, music and performance acts.
Les Impertinents
Les impertinents it´s a now defunct shoe label designed between 2007 and 2012 by Fernan Gonzalez and Giovanni Duayhe.
Created between Fance and Mexico, but manufactured in the small mountain town of Naolinco, near the Golf coast of Mexico, it specialized in bespoke & custom cobbling, a regional tradition.
Casa de la Bola
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